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Town of Lexington

Council Meeting Minutes

July 11th, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, Councilor Deona Siex, and Councilor S. Miller.


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent.


Community Members present: Dorothy Edwards and Shirley McCarl.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Councilor Deona Siex acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for June, 2017: Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to accept the June minutes Councilor Bill Beard seconds motion, and motion carries.  


Financial Report for June, 2017: Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to accept the financial report for June, Councilor Bill Beard second’s and motion carries.


Bill’s for July: Councilor Sheila Miller made motion to accept the bills for July, Councilor Bill Beard second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: councilor Sheila Miller asked Eddie about the back flow in the park, yes it is installed. The moles have you done anything about those. Yes but I don’t think its moles I think its gophers. Lights did we get those we have them on order they should be in July 14th. How much were the two hoses for the back hoe, the invoices are in the bills but they weren’t as expensive as I thought they would be. I have gotten the two done, so now I can work on the 3rd one, hydrants you went out with Reid, yes now I need to start a hydrant schedule so we flush regular on a rotation, we need to write down the dates and time for our files. Clean up of the trees where did you put the stuff, I put it up at the reservoir come winter time I will burn it, has the dump truck been driven, no I haven’t done that yet. Councilor Sheila Miller states that we need to do something about the people who are throwing their limbs out in the street for the town to clean up. So can we put something in the town newsletter? Janette states that she need to put the burn ban in there as well we still have people burning, I got the burn ban information after the newsletter was written. Councilor Bill Beard wants to bring up that we should replace Ryan Miller tire, he loaned us his trailer to pick up the bricks for the park, it was over loaded and blew out the new tire on Ryan’s trailer. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to pay $158.00 to Ryan Miller for the reimbursement for the tire, Councilor Sheila Miller seconds that and the motion carries.   


Delinquent Accounts: The yellow ones are our usual offenders, I have called every one and I wrote two letters. There was one that is three months behind and she usually comes in to pay when I call her, and the other person is supposed come in I spoke with them.


Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner is absent. Reid showed Eddie how to flush the hydrants and how to maintain them. Janette states she got their computer up and running for them.

Old Business: ODOT speed study is in regards to moving the signage further out of town the speed signs. This was proposed in January or February by ODOT, and this is the final draft of the study, can we use any of the grant monies for speed signs up? My thought is if we had the sign that blink and have how fast you’re going maybe they would slow down. I would like to see the stop sign off of HWY 207 meets with Hwy74 a flashing stop sign. I would like to get a grant for safety; we would have to contact ODOT to see what needs to be done. Janette could you contact Cody. Chirella Wallace Street light if we add it to our lights it will cost the Town of Lexington $10.50 a month. Councilor Shelia Miller made a motion to put Chirella Wallace Street light on the town electric bill, Councilor Bill Beard seconds the motion and motion carries.

New Business: Wind storm trees down, I am reporting this because I turned it in to the insurance company, it has turned out that we didn’t do a claim after all, I thought at first we were going to need to file a claim, the tree was located on the outside of the fence and it fell taking out the fence and hitting the roof of the trailer. So I put in the packets for information. Also Eddie said that everyone is putting their tree limbs out next to the streets for him to pick up, we will put that in the newsletter. Councilor Sheila Miller thanked Eddie for coming in the night of the storm. Special city allotment grant, that paper work needs to be signed and it is for roads $50,000 grant we apply every year. The roads I turned in are Tom Street and B Street; I wasn’t able to measure any of the other streets. Survey on a town yard sale or bazaar, when I went out reading meters some people asked about a town yard sale so I did a survey, there were 6 yes and 2 no’s. Councilor Sheila Miller asked if that was something I plan on organizing, there has been quite a bit of interest in it. Councilor Sheila Miller asked what would be our roll in that? We would have to set up something, find a place. In the past everyone brought there information in to City hall and City hall made a map of the different places and put out a map, do you have time to do that, not at this time. We just did our own thing at our homes, and they all did it on the same day. Ok Janette you need to decide what you want to do. Guy Putney, his water is off of Ray Papineau meter Councilor Sheila Miller thought on this there is one meter two places we either need to put in a new meter or up the gallons of usage, and they are paying for 20,000 with the separate bills. The account needs to be noted so if guy moves out and it goes back to one person the gallon age will go down to 10,000. I made a new table for this it is table #5 Councilor Sheila Miller makes a motion to up the gallon age from 10,000 on Ray Papineau meter to 20,000, Councilor Bill Beard seconds and motion carries. Community member Guy Putney asked who will get the bill you both will get a bill but the meter reading will be on Ray bill. Guy we did a water sample at your home and it came back absent. We are going to try and flush the lines more often. Bobbi Gordon has put in her plans for 30*30 shop, now she needs a building permit she has paid the land use application I gave her a permit the contractor needs to fill out. Councilor Sheila Miller states we have looked over the plans for your shop and we see nothing wrong with it has Janette given you the permits for your contractor to fill out, yes there is an option A or option B there is a septic in the middle. Oregon water & waste water infrastructure finance class we have already approved that yes you go; I will be taking the bid from Burse Larkin. Bobbi Gordon letter of interest which we all have Councilor Bill Beard we welcome you to our council, would you like to fill us in on your visions for the city, and why you want to be on the council, Bobbi would like to see improvements in Lexington find some activity’s for us in Lexington. Councilor Bill Beard makes a motion to accept Bobbi Gordon for council position #4 Councilor Sheila Miller seconds and motion carried. We are going to Executive session for the purpose of employee evaluations ORS 192.660(2)(i). The meeting is now in session, Executive meeting, we discussed Eddie Dickenson elevation we are keeping him on we think he is doing a good job. Councilor Sheila Miller makes a motion to adjourn Councilor Bill Beard seconds and motion carries. Meeting adjourns.


Respectfully submitted

Janette Eldrige

Town Recorder