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Town of Lexington

Council Meeting Minutes

June 13th, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, Councilor Deona Siex, and Councilor S. Miller.


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent.


Community Members present: Todd Siex, Diann Nagel, Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl, and Earl & Eddie Papineau, Beverly Steagall.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Councilor Sheila Miller acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for May, 2017: Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the Mays minutes with corrections, Councilor Deona Siex seconds motion, and motion carries.   


Financial Report for May, 2017: Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the financial report for May, Councilor Deona Siex second’s and motion carries.


Bill’s for June: Councilor Deona Siex made motion to accept the bills for June, Councilor Bill Beard second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: Eddie took the liberty of typing out his maintenance report and they are now in your packets, acting Mayor Sheila Miller asked Eddie how much the hoses are for the back hoe, Eddie responds he doesn’t know. Can you start with the three that are broken? There is not adequate lighting in the shop, and the light we have is useless, how many lights do you think you need for the shop? Two Eddie reply’s. What are you looking at 8 foot LEDs they put out light, we will start with two and get two more when those are installed. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to purchase 2 LED lights for the shop with wire, Councilor Deona Seix Seconds and motion carries.


Delinquent Accounts: The yellow ones are our usual offenders, I have called every one and I only wrote one letter.


Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner is absent, Charlie cleaned off the wall, and Reid is willing to get with you to show you how to grease the fire hydrants.


Old Business: Friendship Park back flow we thought it would be an hour worth of work for $75 hour, it turned out that it is more than $210 to get the back flow installed and it up and running, that is more money than the lodge has. The other thing is we need to get together the lodge and the Council, to write up an agreement, so we can find it and both parties will have one for the future, 2011. We all need to know what our responsibilities are and the best way to do that is write it down. We could write a resolution and then it would go in our book and it would be easier to find. Can it be a separate meeting or does it need to be a council meeting, you can’t do this in an executive meeting it will have to be in public form. Community Member Eddie Papineau, as far as the agreement thing we will write up our own and you need to write out your own and we will all go over it together and modify it together to come out with a document we can both agree on, we don’t come back till September. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller thinks this is a good idea.  We will make a draft and the lodge will make a draft and when it is finalized we will put in our resolution book. While we are on the Park and the backflow I contacted Sheryll Bates and asked her if we could add the back flow to the grant and it was yes we could we could use it in kind or matching funds. It will be written down with the flowers as a part of the grant, and added to the file. Acting Mayor asks if the lodge is can afford the $75 dollar expenditure. The answer is no, we have had a very bad year. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to put the back flow in the park and use it toward matching funds, Councilor Deona Seix seconds and motion carries. There are places that you can order bulbs through that donate to charities would you be interested? Yes please send us the information. New Business Rebekah lodge: Eddie Papineau asked if there is any way to stop the feeding of the animals in the Park, we need some kind of resolution to make it illegal to feed the wild animals in the park, we have skunks, raccoons and feral cats, and no city resolution saying that they can’t feed the animals, yes there are a bunch of hole and he even has removed siding to put cat food in the walls.  The biggest problem with resolutions is we have no way of enforcing them. That should be a criminal action with the removing of the boards and digging out the holes. Please contact the sheriff’s office and make a report. Do you need our approval for the flowers in the park, yes, is the answer. The lodge would like to thank the city for helping put in the handicap toilet.  If the city is going to put on a city wide yard sale please let us know and we will open the lodge up so there are bathrooms. The Rebekah lodge has given their permission to do the beautification to friendship Park. Old Business FEMA Park is actually owned by the Town of Lexington; I got the papers from tax assessor office. There is an agreement that the Town of Lexington has with the Government community member Dorothy Edwards states that should be read. Dawn Linzie meter was changed out, and we have adjusted the bill. So it is taken care of.  V-Lock post for breakaway post: yield sign is put in. are breakaway sign required, no they are not but I was thinking that as they need to be replaced we could put these in, at $26 dollar a post that reasonable. Is it feasible to have two on hand, Councilor Bill Beard made motion to order two of the breakaway post to have on hand for inventory, Councilor Deona Seix seconds motion and motion carries. WCVED Grant: we got the grant the blocks have been order a date has been set up to pick them up, and we will have water, Councilor Deona Seix states she will get a hold Brian Thompson or Sid Kennedy to see when we can get the dirt brought in. if Brian has it available in the evening or weekends maybe Reid could do it. Buildable lands inventory: the buildable land study would include the urban growth boundary, Acting Mayor Sheila Miller asked how much will that cost at first they were thinking $1000,and we could use DLCC grant for that, this month they were thinking  it would be around $200 for the smaller towns. Councilor Bill Beard asked what is the benefit from it for the town, it would point out what lands are buildable in the urban growth areas and tell what would be buildable, and Acting Mayor Sheila Miller asked if this study would be better after we figured out our waste water. For us this survey would change dramatically if they did it be for our waste water. So maybe I need to ask Carla if we could include the smaller lots as buildable include of the waste water project, if that was a part of it would be more of a feasibility for us. How would this benefit the town of Lexington? Councilor Bill Beard doesn’t see a benefit for us. Unless this will help us get grants. We are not interested at this time.


New Business: Marcia Sticka Resignation/Resolution 17-6, dated May 21st 2017 Marcia Sticka due to the long hours I am working on my job I cannot make it to the meetings anymore so I am resigning my position as a Council member. Thank you for letting me be a council member. Respectfully Marcia Sticka. Councilor Deona Seix made a motion to accept Marcia Sticka resignation, Councilor Bill Beard seconds and motion carries. Action Mayor Sheila Miller read the resolution out loud removing Marcia Sticka from the banking accounts. Spring Cleanup: there was 20 handed out and 15 were used. Adopting the Budget: Resolution 17-5 adopting the budget, the resolution was read out loud by Acting Mayor Sheila Miller and was signed by the Council. Order Authorizing the county treasurer to invest funds: The order was read out loud by Acting Mayor Sheila Miller and was signed by the Council. An Ordinance/Resolution Declaring the City’s Election to receive State Revenues: This was read out loud by Acting Mayor Sheila Miller and was signed by the Council. Chirella Wallace Street light: you asked me to put it on the agenda at the Budget meeting, they are the last house on the street and until they put it in there was no Street light, my feeling are we should add that to our Street lights, the light is on the Street. Please call to see how much it will cost us and we will take care of at the next Council meeting. DMV E-Plate: when the tag expires DMV said we could get plates for the town for $27.50, and then the plate would just stay with us. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller requested that the Town Charter be put in the packets, this is something that we need to read and up hold, so in your spare time please read this. We have added calendars. John Edwards/ Mowing: there are quite a few streets in this town that have been mowed and some streets that haven been mowed at all I want to know why, so what streets are not mowed? The one that goes up past my place, basically your worried about what getting mowed and what not getting mowed, the town is mowed more now than it ever has been, I don’t give a darn about that I want to know why that street was not include in the bunch, there is a fire plug up the road that looks like someone forgot it, where is that? Don’t you ever drive up the road? You know there will be 300 to 500 trucks coming off that hill, and someone will get hurt if you can’t see through that intersection, there was a suggestion that someone needs to take the new maintenance person out and show him what needs to be mowed, Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilor Deona Seix seconds and motion carries. Meeting Adjourn.

Respectfully submitted

Janette Eldrige

Town Recorder