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Town of Lexington

Council Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, Councilor Deona Siex, and Councilor M. Sticka, Councilor S. Miller.


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige


Employees Absent: Rick Smith


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent.


Community Members present: Shirley McCarl, Todd Siex.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Councilor Sheila Miller acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


The acting Mayor Shelia Miller, read Mayor Arletta Arnspiger’s letter of resignation. Councilor D. Siex made a motion to accept Mayor Arletta Arnspiger’s letter of resignation, Councilor B. Beard second’s and motion carries.                


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for January, 2017: Councilor D. Seix made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Councilor B. Beard, second’s motion and motion carries.


Financial Report for January, 2017: Janette states that there is $100 that is not classified when the council approved me to receive $100 for not taking health coverage I set it up wrong in Quick Books, I contacted Michael she said to correct it by journal entry. Councilor B. Beard made a motion to accept the financial report, Councilor D. Siex second’s motion and motion carries.

Bill’s for February: Councilor D. Siex made motion to accept the bills for February, Councilor B. Beard second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance report:  Rick Smith absent.

Delinquent Accounts: there are only two people who have not paid and one received a letter.

Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner is absent.

Old Business:  Bruce Larkin is here to talk about the reservoir bid, I first talked to Kevin McCabe in 2014, and I’ve brought some case history with me if you would like to look at some of these are 20 years old but this will give you an idea of what I have done. These are the ones that I have had the time to go back and look at, how do you feel that they are holding up? Very good, I’ve been doing this for 40 years. There is temporary storage tank there 6,000 or 9,000 tank I bring it in and set it down on a pad you will need to put down a pad for the foot print of the tank, gravel pad that has been compacted so the tank will load and unloads with the water we need to do the pad, what happened over in Reith was I Dropped it off in the fall and he made a pad did all of the fittings and had an electrician come out to transfer the lines then they ran a test to make sure it would work, and come spring we took the tank off line and began our work. I don’t do the pluming for the tank that would be up to you have your local guy pull the probes out. Rodger is the one who handles our repairs. Please run it for a week or two to make sure you’re comfortable and it can handle your system. The best time is to do all of this in the 70 degrees will take 7 day, spring is a good time. April or May would be the best, the tank will be off line for at least a month, it will take 2 or three weeks to do the work but that not to mention corrosion repair. If I have a problem with a tank then I will come back and fix it, standard warranty work is one year with the bid I gave you if it doesn’t work you don’t pay me to fix it. Here this is the vent I make; we will make copies for the file. I am booked up for this year next year would be better, I could bring over the tank after you set up the pad and you can work on the set up for next year, next spring would be good for me, we do have it on the budget. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to get on Wilbur Fletcher list and get the ball rolling for next year, Councilor Deona Seix seconds the motion and motion carries.

Cody from ODOT is not able to make it tonight but he stopped by and gave me a map and asked to receive a letter after the council approved the speed survey and the speed limit sign moved around the corner, ok thank you I know what to write now.

New Business: credit card for the Fire department so he can purchase things for the Fire Department with a low limit on it, all that needs to be done is to write a Resolution, we have two Visa cards and maybe we could give them the second card. Charlie asked me to look in to Wi-Fi for the fire Department. Can we see if the Wi-Fi will work over there first? Just share the card.

 Individual E-mail CenturyTel accounts for the council: I was asked to find out about e-mail lines, does anybody want town E-mail accounts? No.

 FEMA grant for the park grass and picnic table I made up a list of thing that we need to finish the project, we need to bring dirt in before we do anything, it would be nice to get it off our plate, Councilor Deona Seix could you ask about the dirt? Ok I will contact Brian and ask him, and see think 2 dump truck loads will work, Councilor Shelia Miller has a thought about the drop off we can’t put dirt in there it will push on the fence. Can we do a council work weekend and pot luck after? It is a safety hazard. What I would like to do is plan a day for the park, prices the wood for the fence, are we wanting wire or panels? Janette would you like to price the wood and measure it, get a price on the grass seed and the fencing materials can you have that back to us by next meeting? Can we get cones and caution tape, so we need to table this pending more information? Budget changes for the water and general, I would like to suggest that we go to at least one conference a year so we can stay up to date on some things.

 Councilor Shelia Miller suggests that we bring the meals and lodging up more than $50, for the General funds we will up it to $600 and $400, and in the Water fund up to $400, as well as some grant writing class. Employee Review Janette do you have a sheet that states you have read and received your job description, Councilor Shelia Miller discuss what to do in the absence of a Mayor, she proposes that everything be sent to all of the Council and they share the reasonability’s of said position.

The Oregon Health Authority will be coming out to do a four year evaluation of the well and tank, and there are record that we need to provide to them. I have been updating our book as needed both of them.

Elevations how should we go about them, Councilor Deona Siex think the Elevations should be done in a staff meeting. Can we do a staff meeting could you send out E-mails to coordinate one? I will read up on the staff meetings.

Councilor Deona Siex made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilor Bill Beard second’s and motion carries.

Meeting adjourns.


Respectfully summited

Janette Eldrige ,Town Recorder