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Council Meeting Minutes

September 12th, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, Councilor S. Miller, Councilor Deona Siex and Councilor Bobbi Gordon. 


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner and Reid Miller.


Community Members present: Julie Baker, Dorothy Edwards, and Shirley McCarl.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Councilor Bill Beard acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for August, 2017: Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the August minutes Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds motion, and motion carries.  


Financial Report for August, 2017: Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the August financial report Councilor Deona Siex seconds and motion carries.


Bill’s for September: Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the bills, Councilor Deona Siex second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: Ryan Miller called yesterday we should have our pad done in two weeks, Bruse Larkin stopped and said if we get that done we can get the tank in, he was also interested in perhaps doing the reservoir this fall if at all possible. Councilor Sheila Miller said as long as he can get it done before the weather changes on us. There are a few streets that have major problems Councilor Sheila Miller asked how much of the pre mixed asphalt do you need, Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to order 3 bags of pre-mix of asphalt at a time, Councilor Deona Seix seconds and motion carries.  

Delinquent Accounts: only two people haven’t paid.


Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner and Reid Miller, we haven’t had any calls, we were asked to help on the Troutdale fire but we don’t have a big enough crew. We are still plugging away on a siren. The Fire Department now has its own card. So we need to swap cards.

Old Business: OSU Morrow County Extension Julie Baker states that Lexington is at 9.81, we are not compressed yet and yes they are looking for .33 cents per 1000, how much would it cost the kids of Lexington to join 4-H if we don’t vote this in? Julie Baker states she doesn’t know, but there are other services that we provide.  The 4-H kids pay $23 dollars now. Are there any scholarships for low income kids now? Councilor Bobbi Gordon states we should sign it and let the voters decide, then everyone in Lexington has a say. Councilor Bobbi Gordon makes a motion to put this on the Ballot, Councilor Deona Siex seconds and motion carries. Resolution 17-8 was read out loud by our acting Mayor Bill Beard. Dirt for the park Julie Baker said to call Terry Gentry that the arena dirt needs to be take out. Chris Marko from RCAC would be looking in to funding, I was late for the waste water meeting, but our next step is Memorandum of understanding for the three cities, each of the cities needs to sign it, acting Mayor Bill Beard read the MOU aloud for everyone to here. I sent out a waste water survey and we had 9 people respond, 6 yes and 3 no.

New Business: we have taken care of the letters. Audit we haven’t spent enough money to have one so I am asking the Council what they would like to do, there is not much difference between the self-reporting and the audit, in price that is. Councilor Shelia Miller makes a motion to do an audit, Councilor Deona Siex seconds and motion carries. Back flow testing will be done on September 17this on a Sunday I will be working I am the only one who knows where they are Councilor Sheila Miller makes a motion to have Eddie work with Janette so he will know where the backflows are, Councilor Deona Siex second and motion carries. Streets graded and graveled I sent some Streets over to the county shop and they gave me an estimate, the Streets are H Street, F Street, E East Street and Clay Street. Councilor Sheila Miller would like to add a Street, could we grade West Street, how much would that cost. Wind Wave Ordinance, we do but I want more information on it I don’t understand it. Acting Mayor Bill Beard suggested that we invite wind wave here to tell us what they would like to do. Should we table it till next month. Well inspection was canceled and the date was changed September 28th. Morrow county shop plans, they also paved half of Tom Street. I need to get a hold of Mike from ODOT because one of the streets I turned in was Tom Street for the special allotment grant. Councilor Sheila Miller made a motion to adjourn, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries meeting adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted

Janette Eldrige

Town Recorder