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Town of Lexington

Council Meeting Minutes

May 9th, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, Councilor Deona Siex, and Councilor M. Sticka, Councilor S. Miller.


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent.


Community Members present: Marcia Kemp, Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl, and Rick Smith


Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Councilor Sheila Miller acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for April, 2017:   Councilor Marcia Sticka states the wire fence is a problem and I never said it was fine, Councilor S. Miller stated you said you never have had a problem with a wire fence that you wanted the wire fence, Councilor Marcia Sticka states we can’t have a wire fence, Janette states that you didn’t know you couldn’t have the wire fence until after the meeting, Councilor Marcia Sticka said oh. Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Councilor Deona Siex, second’s motion and motion carries.

Financial Report for April, 2017: Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the financial report for February, Councilor Deona Siex second’s and motion carries.


Bill’s for May: Councilor Deona Siex made motion to accept the bills for March, Councilor Bill Beard second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: let’s welcome our new employee Eddie Dickenson, we need to order a yield sign, do we have any yield signs? Not that I know of. We need to order a yield sign Councilor Deona Siex made motion to buy a yield sign, Councilor Bill Beard seconds and motion carries. While we are on signs is there any way we can get away from the 4+4s and price break away signs? Councilor Bill Beard asked if I could look in to the cost. The Town is looking good its mowed can you swing by the FEAMA park and mow it again we are expecting dirt to be brought in.


Delinquent Accounts: The yellow ones are our usual offenders these two were sent out letters and they are in your packet. One of their yards is messy again.


Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner is absent.


Old Business: FEMA Park we still have the grant out there in the sum of $5000. We have already spent the money we need to finish it out, and do what we said we would do. Marcia Kemp asked what did we say we were going to do I have no idea it was to be finished in December 2015. This was for the pergola, picnic table, planting grass and a sprinkler system. WCVEDG gave us the one grant but I do not know about the park district grant for $10,000 at all. In order to satisfy the grant what we need to do is dirt to level it out and plant the grass we have the sprinklers, and that will be done. The top soil is coming in this week. And we can close out the grant. Rick Smith states that the water to the park goes through Bill Beard’s water meter that water goes through my meter it shouldn’t but it does. You will have to make a double meter at Bills then tap it in over to the park. We have extra meters so that will need to be fixed, Rick states there is a second meter there so you won’t need to put a new one in. we are supposed to change out 10% of our water meters every year. Councilor Sheila Miller asked Janette if she got the release form written. Janette responds yes but it is not typed up and I don’t have it out here. They will let us add fill but we can’t dig they will not let us dig for posts, the post around the front we have approval for, we can put up rails between the post, councilor Sheila Miller states that does not fix the problem the post are shorter than the pad and there is a drop off, Janette sent pictures to FEAMA before and I don’t think they ever looked at them, Rick state the way it could be fix is put the first post in and run it strait across, Janette read what Angie sent us (you can fill ,but I am curious if you will be butting up on the neighbor’s fence how he/she feels about that. Please make sure the neighbor is ok with it before you proceed). Councilor Marcia Sticka states he is not ok with it. Councilor Bill Beard states that you can’t put fill in up against a chain-link fence. Councilor Sheila Miller state that why we want to put up a retaining wall made of bricks is that the grant that was written that we need to match funds, Councilor Marcia Sticka said yes, Councilor Bill Beard states that we need to work on our streets. Councilor Sheila Miller states it is a beatifying grant not a street grant, Councilor Bill Beard thinks there are other places we need that money. Councilor Sheila Miller states the grant was on the table last meeting on April 11 2017, Councilor Marcia Sticka doesn’t remember it she wants it in her packet I know I didn’t see the last page on here, Councilor Bill Beard states he didn’t know it was a matching grant that I know for a fact, if can be matched with time, but it has to come out of the town money, I will not agree to that there are other things it could be spent on. Councilor Marcia Sticka said that it is an open space only the water can’t be diverted, Councilor Bill Beard does not know how it became a park, Councilor Marcia Sticka states it stupid it in a flood way. Councilor Bill Beard state we need to do something and he is for the original idea of putting up a three rail horse fence or something like that, it’s inexpensive and it’s under the $150 we approved, Janette states that the Council agreed on a wire fence under $150. Councilor Marcia Sticka said you can’t put flowers, trees, shrubs, or anything in the park. Janette read the E-mail from Angie, (as you know, you are already closed out the grant. What you are doing here pertains to how the open space is going to be maintained. There will be no reimbursement for this activity. Also, I sent this email below indicating that was fine, but I want to make sure that if you were going right to the fence, that the neighbor would not have any issues. There was some concern expressed that folks could use the retaining wall to look over the fence or climb the fence. Please get his or her ok and email that to me. Then, when you are done, please email me photos of the completed work.) Councilor Marcia Sticka states the right doesn’t know what the left hand is doing so I wash my hands of it. Rick states the FEAMA Park is FEAMA property Councilor Marcia Sticka agrees, Janette states that FEAM does not own the park. The park is our liability we own it. Dawn Linzie only use 90 gallons last month is her meter bad no, she would have used 451,660 gallons in three months Councilor Sheila Miller states that is not possible. There is something that not right. Dawn is only here once a month she is down taking care of her dad in California. I guess we change the meter out Councilor Bill Bread made a motion to change Dawn Linzie water meter, Councilor Marcia Sticka seconds, and motion carries. While we are discussing water I need to call a plumber because the back flow at Friendship Park, they don’t have one anymore. It broke the line today. We need to replace it, Rick states he might have left the line open after draining it, Rick states don’t put it on you they own the park make them pay for it, Councilor Bill Beard asks why are we paying for all of that, Councilor Sheila Miller asked if we should contact the lodge to ask them if they have a copy of the agreement, I think that would be the easiest. Rick states it’s their water meter it should be on them Councilor Bill Beard agrees, Marcia Kemp states if they pay the water bill it should be on them. Budget committee: just want to say the first meeting is on May 10th at 6 pm 2017.   

New business:  We have already welcomed Eddie Dickenson he is our new maintenance man everyone needs to sign the job description. Please everyone sign to acknowledge that he has read and understands the job description. Marcia Kemp: I am here tonight to ask the Council what are the goals for the Town of Lexington, I have not seen them or heard them I don’t see them on the web page, I just don’t know what they are, I haven’t seen a strategic plan we had one years ago it probably needs to be updated, we have a town Charter that needs to be looked at, we have a transportation plan as well and a resource plan we haven’t done any of that. In order to do that the Council needs to include the community and not just the one who come all of the time, what we need is the young families to be involved, this is their Town I’m getting old I’m going to be gone here shortly, we really need to get them involved, just this past week I was accused of stopping WCVEDG grant a community enhancement grant for the Town of Lexington, imagine that I didn’t see any of you at that meeting, but yet I was accused of stopping the Lexington Grant, I am in charge of all the monies at WCVEDG do you know how much that is? $165,000 I am a director I’m am not in charge, I am not the sole grant recipient to give to the community’s I just want to make it clear, you know that would ruin my reputation I have been there for twenty years, ten years as the secretary and 15 years as a treasurer we have gone from a small community thing to a helping south morrow county to getting the CREZ monies, when Kevin was here he went to the meeting, now nobody shows up and everybody laughs at Lexington, I want you to know something way back in the flood days of Heppner the Government gave Lexington at that time $5000, and Lexington couldn’t account for one dime, I don’t know where they spent it, Ione accounted for it, Heppner could account for it, we have a horrible reputation, and I want tell you why I wanted to stop that grant, beautification of Lexington you know what we have weeds this tall where I live it’s a fire hazard, we have things that are needed more in this town then a few flowers, when the park was taken care of by the garden club no maintenance was done, you know this town has a history every time someone tries to do something people didn’t like it I’ve seen the Sherriff come so the community didn’t have any say about the on goings just the council had say in the matters, after a while people don’t come anymore because they are pissed off, I come tonight with credentials of serving on many a board five different county committees and morrow county school board for 8 years that man sat on the budget committee for 3 years, these are the people we need on our committees, I’m telling you that I want a safe and sound prosperous community. I am not the only one who has the experience there many people in our community who can help. We have had 10 town recorder and 9 maintenance men in 18 years in this Town, if that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what does; we can’t afford a full time recorder or maintenance man. We have other thing we need to look at, we have maintenance equipment that is going downhill we need to contract out our services we are to small; we need to work on a new reservoir in order to grow. We could have a future but we cannot afford full time employees, this is why we need the community members to help with the planning have you ever looked at the Town charter?  I am asking the Council tonight to start doing some planning, and some goal setting, did any one think about what other people want in the park. We have other thing to do in the community. The problem is over the last ten years people have been treated terrible over the last ten years, Councilor Sheila Miller states that is what the council feels like too. Councilor Marcia Sticka said let’s give it back to the county and let them take over, darn right. Unless we have someone step up to the plate either Heppner or Ione will take over the fire department, Councilor Marcia Sticka states the county is right here they can take care of the streets. We don’t have ten years to wait for our street it’s gone. Marcia Kemp was here last year on the budget committee; crez board is giving out grants to people who have delapated house to fix them up so they can be sold, clean it up Ione is taken part in it Heppner is part of it, that is the kind of thing that passes us by, Janette askes Marcia Kemp who would we ask to participate in that? Marcia Kemp asks in goal setting, Janette’s reply is not for the goal setting, in the cleaning up of the property, Marcia Kemp states the land owners, and Janette asks which ones?  The property’s that have been a nuisance or if they have over grown weeds or if they just want to sell, it will be offered just like WCVEDG was offering $5000 for buying a house, it will be in the newspaper, so you just need to enquire about it. Rick Smith asked if it was open to the public to speak Councilor Sheila Miller asked if he had filled out a public comment form. Marcia Kemp states she believes that we should do away with the public comment forms; she said it was set up by a Mayor years ago. Councilor Sheila Miller asked Marcia Kemp to listen to her that is the way it was set up, and we are learning we don’t need someone yelling or being accusatory toward us, we don’t need the negativity, sorry but as soon as you do that a barrier goes up and I want to hear it, Marcia Kemp don’t you understand why I’m negative, like the public form that is not a way to invite someone in to a meeting, this is the input over the years is why no one wants to come to the town meetings. Jim Nelson wants to build on one of his properties, he gave me pictures right there that there was a house on it and he would like to rebuild Councilor Sheila Miller state we need more information on the property. WCVEDG grant we got a grant with matching funds, and it sounds like there are some people who are not happy about it, we would use some of this monies to fix the problem at FEMA park, yes I want to go to the lodge to show them what I want to do with Friendship park, I really regret applying for the grant, I thought I was doing the Town Of Lexington a service by putting something in that would last forever, all of the ground cover is indigenous to this area, the bulbs will remain for years to come. This thing has been a big migraine for me, Councilor Marcia Sticka asked Marcia Kemp if someone applied for a grant don’t they need to let the Town know about it before they apply. When we write a grant don’t we need to do what we wrote it for, Marcia Kemp said you can rewrite, you can’t use it for just anything. You start by refusing the grant rewrite it they will send an e-mail out and we would vote on it. I was not the only one that day who opposed this. Councilor Sheila Miller states the grant was on the table during the April 11th meeting for everyone to look at, Councilor’s Bill Beard and Marcia Sticka don’t remember seeing it, Councilor Bill Beard states he would be fine with it if we didn’t need to match funds, it is hard to spend monies out of our own funds when we have so many other things it could be spent on. Can we alter the grant Janette said she would not, Councilor Bill Bread asked Janette why she would not alter the grant, Janette said I asked permission to write the grant, and I stated that it needed to be put in on a certain day, I turned in I talked with Sheryl Bates she need more information, I can’t help that the two of you were not paying attention Councilor Marcia Sticka states that she wanted it in the packets and not on the table. So it’s my fault you didn’t see it Councilor Bill Beard said he doesn’t know what half of the stuff is that is on the table. Councilor Shelia Miller states that the grant was brought up at the last meeting I don’t know what to say if you weren’t paying attention, what upsets me is that now you are making a big deal out of it. Councilor Shelia Miller asked to have the grant, stated that she would call to see if it could be rewritten, Councilor Shelia Miller asked Marcia Kemp what can we rewrite it for? Marcia Kemp states if you have an electrician need to do something you can put in whatever the electrician cost for then that would be matched out of your water fund. We could use that to get help with the fire siren. The Grist mill we could use it for that. Marcia Kemp said to just call Sheryl up and tell her we had a meeting where we discussed the grant to see if you can rewrite it then she will send it out the board members to see if they will approve it, it is important that we support all of the community’s. Just ask for an extension so you have time to go through it. Councilor Shelia Miller asks how often are the grants available. Marcia Kemp once or twice a year.  Small Water training course: I was thinking for Eddie because it was close, Eddie can work under mine DRC number indefinitely, the smart thing to do is wait until he is done with his probation period. CIS general liability’s: July 1st is when we start the New Year and this is for our insurance, I put snow removal on this, this is the first year we have had snow to remove. What will be done with the dump truck and backhoe? Councilor Bill Beard states the dump truck needs the fuel system cleaned out badly, we will skip this and put it on the agenda for next month. Buildable lands inventory/ do we want to be a part of it. DLCC grant we got in 2015 we could use for this Carla McLane was thinking that we could use it for the survey on buildable land in our community palace that are buildable in Lexington. The smaller communities would have a smaller buy in’s, but it would be done at the same time, this would be for all of Morrow County, Councilor Sheila Miller was wandering if Carla knows how much this would cost us. The port of Morrow might have monies for road projects. Councilor Shelia Miller asked about the computer we are perching? Yes it is here is Pat Struthers coming in to set it up yes I haven’t been here long enough to call him. The sewer system meeting we all got together to talk about whether we would be interested in working together for the sewer project, there were no decisions made. If Ione and Heppner were putting a system through it would be nice if we could be a part of that, but we cannot afford to do it on our own.  We will need to do something. I am trying to put together a grant writing committee. Rick you had a question, a week or two ago I came up to the shop to welcome the new guy and explain the projects I had going, someone told him that there was something wrong with the brakes, and there is nothing wrong with the brakes. Councilor Bill Beard said that was his misunderstanding. Then I get an e-mail from the town recorder complaining that I was up there, the town recorder should at least wrote a letter or told the maintains man there was a leak at Britt’s home, Janette states that our maintenance person was not on the job at the time of the leak. Councilor Deona Siex made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilor Bill Beard seconds and motion carries.  Respectfully summited by Janette Eldrige, Town Recorder.