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August 18, 2015


Council Members Present: Mayor A Arnspiger, Councilors: Bill Beard and Sheila Miller

Council Member Absent: Deona Siex

Employees Present: Kevin McCabe

Employees Absent: Mike Hammons

Volunteers Present: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner

Community Members Present: John & Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl, Jean Brazell, from the Morrow County Planning dept. Carla McLane, Vilas & Debbie Ropp, Annette Sherman, and Victor Klinger

Note: If “motion carried” is stated, everyone approved.

Mayor Arnspiger called the Council Meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Mayor A Arnspiger turned the meeting over to Carla Mclane from the Morrow County Planning Department. Recorder McCabe and Carla McLane presented the council with a document containing a memo, maps of the public property, table listing the public property and proposal for Public Use Zone. McLane and McCabe are looking for two things to come out of the meeting tonight. One, direction to move forward with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Town Hall. Town Hall is in a Light Industrial Zone, Government structure is allowed with a CUP, this is a quasi-judicial action, we will be applying our law. Second looking for direction to move forward with adding the Public Use Zone to the Development code. This action is a legislative action, we will be amending our law, so that future people would have to comply. Must supply DLCD notice 35 days in advance of the hearing, notify adjoining property owner 20 days advance notice of the hearing, then notify DLDC after the public hearing of the final notice. Carla went on to state, the council may want to look at some of these properties and possible re-zone them to what the adjoining properties are, so that in the future the town wanted to sell the property to an adjoining property owner, the property would already be zoned correctly for the new owner.

Council directed McLane and McCabe to move forward with the CUP for Town Hall.

Councilor B. Beard made a motion to have McCabe and McLane move forward with the changes to add Public Use Zone in the Development Code, Councilor S Miller seconded the motion, motion carried.

Recorder McCabe wanted Carla McLane to explain the Recreational and Medical Marijuana opt out ordinance. Morrow County is one of fifteen counties in Eastern Oregon that have a clear path to opt out of dispensaries, sales, processing, and producing Recreation and Medical Marijuana. This would allow the town council to adopt an ordinance under our charter to opt out of Recreation and Medical Marijuana. The process we have to take is delineated in HB 3400, sub section 134. Over the next few months we will drafting an ordinance and holding public hearings to adopt the ordinance.   The deadline under HB 3400 is 180 days from the time measure 91 came into law, so December 24, 2015, we must have the ordinance passed and the forms into the OLCC and Oregon Health Authority.

Mayor A Arnspiger read the resignation letter from Liesl Follett. Then declaring a vacancy on the council.

Mayor A. Arnspiger then read a letter from Tim & Liesl Follett. They donated a John Deere lawn mower. The council accepted the mower.

Councilor B. Beard made a motion to accept the July 14 and 16, 2015 minutes as written, Council S. Miller seconded the motion, motion carried.

Councilor B. Beard made a motion to accept the July 2015 Financials, Councilor S. Miller seconded the motion, motion carried.

Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the August 2015 bills, Councilor B. Beard seconded the motion, motion carried.

Delinquent Accounts.

There is one delinquent account as of this date. The customer has agreed to pay in full by the end of the week.

Fire Department Report.

Charlie Sumner reported the department was losing one volunteer, Tim Follett, but gain one in Colton Hollis. Charlie requested we take Tim Follett and Josie Miller off the insurance. Charlie also reported they have not been called to any fires in the last month and half. Charlie presented a bill for new boots for Colton Hollis, he ordered 16 new strobe lights, bill to be coming. Currently the FD has 8 lights that need to be charged and don’t keep a charge very long. The new ones run off 2 AA batteries and have a lift of 100 hours. Trucks are running good.

Councilor Bill Beard asked if there was any wooden ladder for the 1948 fire truck. The purchaser of the truck inquired if they were still on the truck. Charlie stated one ladder is in the fire hall. It will go with the truck.  

International Pick-up, put up for sale or bid.



Nuisance Letters. There has been 5 letters sent so far this year. All five have complied. Charlie Sumner asked about Pecks property, Charlie will contact Pecks and will report back to Council at next meeting.

Charlie will also talk to the people living at Delbert Piper’s lot on B Street to stop the burning in a fire pit.


CIS Training. No councilor has completed the training.


FEMA Park. Bret Cook is working on the building permit, should be soon. Kevin will move the backhoe to the park so Maintenance man can start picking up rocks.

Name for the park; no responses from the newsletter.


Councilor S. Miller asked about the extra help, it was approved at the July meeting. Pam Weed is filling in until we can find someone to fill the part time position. There are some bags around town that need picked up. Recorder McCabe will pick up the bags and the puncture vine in front of Vilas Ropp’s place.


Public Comment: John Edwards want to know why the Fire Siren is not operational for emergency warning. There is money allocated in the budget for an emergency warning system, the town has not had a fire siren since town hall has been moved. Why can’t we reinstall the fire siren to notify citizens of Lexington so we have something in case of an emergency.  

Mayor A. Arnspiger stated we have more concerns about the reservoir repairs, needing a new lawn mower and other cost the city has.


Executive Session was cancelled until next month.


Councilor B. Beard made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilor S. Miller seconded the motion, motion carried.