Town of Lexington

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January 12, 2021,


Councilors present at the January 12, 2021 meeting:  Bobbi Gordon, Will Lemmon, and Bill Beard. Mayor Juli Kennedy was also present. Curtis Thompson was absent.

Employees present:  Scott Lamb, MacKia Tarvin.

Community members present: David Sykes, Sheila Miller, and John and Dorothy Edwards.

 Meeting of January 12, 2021 was called to order at 6:01 Tuesday evening by Mayor Juli Kennedy.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Note:  when “motion carries” is stated, everyone approved.

 Before the meeting began MacKia Tarvin swore in Mayor Juli Kennedy as well as Councilors Bill Beard and Will Lemmon.

 Minutes for December 8, 2020:

 •             Motion to approve the minutes by Councilor Gordon. Seconded by Councilor Lemmon.  Motion carries.

 Recorder Report:

 •             MacKia Tarvin reported that after taking a webinar for a new water billing software, UB Max, that it would be smart to look into switching. UB Max allows for online bill payment, the option to email bills, and an overall easier way to keep track and enter water bills. After discussion, all councilors and the mayor decided to look into it more.

 •             MacKia Tarvin requested an hour change from Monday thru Friday, 9-4, to Monday thru Thursday, 8-4 with the exception of coming in every other Friday for payroll. She stated the reason for this request is for her to have off Fridays to work on school. Bobbi Gordon made a motion to approve the change of hours for MacKia Tarvin. The motion was seconded by Bill Beard. Motion Carries.

 Maintenance Report:

 •             See attached Maintenance Report.

 Fire Department Report:

 •             See attached Fire Department Report

 New Business:

 •             Councilor Gordon mentioned that we need to start recruiting members for the budget committee. She also stated that she would like to have the first budget meeting at the end of February. 

 Old Business:

 •             Councilor Gordon requested that Scott Lamb look for new lights to put under the new “Welcome to Lexington” signs, due to the solar ones that we have now not working properly.

 Public Comments, Concerns, Questions:

•             No public comments, concerns, or questions.

 Delinquent Accounts:

•             No Delinquent Accounts.

 Financial Reports and Bills:

 •             Motion was made by Councilor Gordon, seconded by Councilor Beard to approve the financial reports, and bills as presented.  Motion Carries.


Meeting was adjourned by Mayor Kennedy at 7:10 pm.