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Council Meeting Minutes

January 9th, 2018



Council Members present: Councilor Deona Siex, Councilor S. Miller, and Councilor Bobbi Gordon.


Council Members absent: Councilor B. Beard


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige, Eddie Dickenson


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent


Community Members present: Carla McLane, Dorothy Edwards, Shirley McCarl Dave& Carmen Williams.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Councilor Sheila Miller acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for December 2017: Councilor Bobbi Gordon made a motion to accept the minutes Councilor Deona Siex seconds motion, and motion carries.  


Financial Report for December, 2017: Councilor Deona Siex made a motion to accept the financial report Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries.


Bill’s for January: Councilor Bill Beard fixed a window for the Town Lexington. On the bills lets go down to the RJA Technology, it capital out lay and it was for the Siren, Ed states there is no remote for it so there is no way to turn it off Acting Mayor Sheila Miller asked Ed to Send it Back, now I will be voiding a check #11205. Councilor Deona Siex made a motion to accept the bills, Councilor Bobbi Gordon second’s and motion carries.


Maintenance reports: Acting Mayor Sheila Miller asked Ed about the 6 days to bore under the street for the water meter, Janette states there are 4 days that are not added on there, we had to wait for the drill pipe, and HD Fowler to get us the right saddle, I was down there a lot of times digging with a shovel, and David was right there with me digging with a shovel, there are 4 more days to add to the billing. We broke two drilling bits while we did the meter the bording machine is crap, from HD Fowler what did you get? The correct saddle, so is the saddle on our side of the meter don’t we pay of that, no if you are requesting a new service you pay for that as well as parts and labor, so it’s because it’s a new services, Ed asked why do we charge a $500 dollar deposit, everywhere I’ve lived no one charges after the 500. No that’s not how a deposit works. He going to have a lot of fun paying that then, he’s on affixed income, so how can we charge for waiting time, not only the man is right there with me digging it out, yes if he’s helping that is cutting down on the time you spend there. So why are we charging him hours for me to work there when he is with me.  it could have taken twice as long if David didn’t help you. It took ten days to finish it up Saturday to finish it up, he took a day off, David signed a piece of paper saying he would pay bill that go over that amount for labor and materials, part of that time was HD Fowler getting the right parts, it didn’t seal at all Ed changed saddles, I don’t think we should pass repair time to the cost to the costumer, there 4 days that are not on the billing the backhoe time I didn’t know how you wanted me to bill this out,  its $365 dollars a day to rent one, Councilor Sheila Miller states that irrelevant, here this was signed by David this is the day we received the deposit, Councilor Bobbi Gordon states that it states that. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller states this is her feelings the back hoe hours will not be added to the bill. We quoted him $445.67 installation, part of that is no one has done any job estimates, Janette state she didn’t add the 30% mark up for the parts we buy. Ed states if we had all of the parts here and ready when we started this it would have been whole lot faster. We need to meet with David and set up a payment plan, Ed would you talk with him and we will put it on the agenda for next month’s meeting. There are 4 more days to add 2 days 8 hours 1 day 6.5 and the other is a part of a day, Councilor Bobbi Gordon states we could be adding another $300 to the bill. That where we got the contract and the deposit from was from Vick Klinger meter installation. Please keep in mind this is in our bylaws this is the way things are set up. Acting Mayor Sheila Miller, states that Eddies Wife has some up and coming medical appointments and most of those appointment are during the week, what does our bylaws say about time? You should have some of the bylaws; here is a set schedule that we are to work, So Shelia what are getting at? If Eddie takes his wife to the Doctors office can he work weekends, our week is Sunday through Saturday and our work week Monday through Friday don’t go over 40 hours a week and do it in the same pay period, acting Mayor Sheila Miller states that Eddie would have to notify Councilor Sheila Miller before working on weekends. Councilor Bobbi Gordon made a motion to accept wild cats bid and Councilor Deona Siex seconds and motion carries.  

Delinquent accounts: there are three accounts that have not paid this month and there will be no letters written.


Fire Department:  we ran the trucks.

Old Business: Cleaning of Willow Creek, we have it in ours NHM that we will clean the Creek beds annually, Ed said he will walk it when the Weather gets better to see what needs to be done. Carla McLane Buildable lands RFP; so we are closer to an RFP for the buildable lands inventory and housing analogs. The county has budgeted for some community planning and Irrigon and Boardman both have committed to $5000 each and Ione has committed to $200, and I haven’t heard back from Heppner yet. I should have documents for you in February or March for you to sign, one of the questions we have defined for the two smallest Town’s what does it look like with waste water or without waste water, I think this will help with the opportunity for density for the smaller Towns, will that map give us what can be built on in our Town, that depends on how you ask the question, that is a question we can include in the buildable lands on the buildability of lands that are in flood plain. What I need from you is a thumbs up or thumbs down, and a financial commitment, Ione committed $200 I think that would be a good round number again I don’t know how you spent you DLCC monies in the past. I am not asking you to commit all $1000 of the monies. The board is looking for a conurbation to stay involved, Councilor Bobbi Gordon asked what is the population difference between Inoe and Lexington, we are at 280 and they are 380 so I think 100 people is the difference. Councilor Bobbi Gordon made a motion to comment to $200 dollars for the buildable lands Councilor Deona Siex seconds’ motion and motion carries.  

Carla Acting Mayor Sheila Miller, asked about what needs to be done for RV to be put on the smaller property’s in Town, we have some full time RV people living here, what we can do and what are the stipulation to have them on the smaller pieces of property, I want the property’s to look nice, and I don’t want our Town it to look like trash. So one of the hurdles in that will be building code requirements, so when the state looks at dwellings RV’s are not considered dwellings, RV’s are recreational vehicles so don’t have a clear answer for you, I’m not going to say you can’t get there but if you do you will need some really good guide lines, I would like to see them on pads not parked on the grass, we want them to look decent when we drive by. We can spend your $800, so the planner that use to work for our office her name is Lorie Timmens, she does some consulting work around Janette maybe you and I can have a little conversation and we could see if Lorie is interested in helping you guys do some research on that, let her know she would have a budget of $800, it’s a planning question, if it looks feasible she could amend the code so there would be clear standards to abide by, question one is can we get there, question 2 and what can we do legally, con we make it legal, and for the new ones aren’t moved in on a chain and there are requirement’s for them to follow. We currently have in our Developmental code provisions for a RV Park.  Water Waste Water feasibility study; this is what we asked Melissa to get information on all three city’s are eligible for  the 20,000, the estimate is between 60,000 and 80,000 for the feasibility study, the project as a whole is estimated between 25 -30 million. Edie wants to have a three city meeting with all of the Councils here in Lexington to discuss this project. Would this be an all entity meeting and would it be open to the public yes I believe so. Water Rates; I did a survey and what did you get back so the tally as of today is we have 9 yes for the 10,000 gallons plus Sheila’s 5 so 14 yes, and 2 yes for $45 with the percentage rates higher, and 4 no’s. Currently we are putting $12 per meter a side for future expenditures this proposed amount whether it be $5 dollars or $2 dollars would also go into that fund, the Special Water Fund Reserve fund, down the road where will you use the money, on pipes, or new well waste water.  Councilor Deona Siex made a motion to raise the water rates from $45 to $47 dollars per 10,000 gallons to be addressed next year, Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds, and motion carries.

New Business; Small city allotment grant for the roads; we applied for the Special allotment grant, Tom Street and B Street, I talked with Sandy Pointer at public works department because those two Streets came to 45,000, and we elected to do 17 pot holes on C street and a ten foot strip up on E East Street, so I will have to do a supplemental for the pot holes and where Eddie dug up the line on E East Street. Letters; the letter is about the dog bite we went to court over, how did that go? if Wilson doesn’t get out within a year the fine dissolved, if the dog is out and it is called in they will have to pay $260 dollar fine. Johnny Edwards; about 2009 or 2010 when we started moving over here we got a FEMA grant we were supposed to put up a siren and we haven’t done it, I really think it would be nice to get a siren up, where ever you put the siren it will bother someone, it should be put some where so that it is handy for the firemen to turn it off and on. We order one but it didn’t have a remote so we have to send it back.  Employee Evaluation; yes it is only one of us Eddies will be in two months and I was hoping to have them done and in the file. Retirement program; Oregon is the first state to implement state retirement, we don’t have a retirement here, it taken from are gross wedges, Acting Mayor Sheila Miller would rather see what the Town set up a retirement than send it off to the State. Councilor Deona Siex made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Councilor Bobbi Gordon seconds and motion carries.

 Respectfully submitted Janette Eldrige.