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March 10, 2020 MINUTES

 Councilors present at the March 10, 2020 meeting:  Bobbi Gordon, Bill Beard, Will Lemmon.     Mayor Juli Kennedy was also present.  Curtis Thompson, absent.

Employees present:  Scott Lamb

Community members present:  Shirley McCarl, Sharon Morris, Lorene Montgomery, Dorothy Edwards, John Edwards, Guy Putney, Janice Darwin, David Sykes, Melanie Gates, Kevin McCabe, and several others who were not signed in.

Meeting of March 10, 2020 was called to order at approximately 6:30 by Mayor Juli Kennedy.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Note:  when “motion carries” is stated, everyone approved.

Minutes for February 2020:  Motion to approve by Councilor Lemmon. Seconded by Councilor Beard.

Mayor’s Message:   See the copy of Mayors Report included with these minutes.

Recorder Report:  None given.  No recorder present.

Maintenance Report:  See the copy of Maintenance report included with these minutes.

Fire Department Report:  None given.  No fire personnel present.

Old Business: 

Appoint Budget Officer:  Normally the Budget Office would be the Town Recorder.  Due to not having a Town Recorder, Janette Eldrige is being considered, however, she is checking on the legality of that due to her employment with Ione.  The second option that was discussed was that Councilor Gordon be appointed.  Appointment was tabled while waiting for further information.

Budget Committee Meeting:  The first budget committee meeting was not held due to not having a notice in the local newspaper according to time frames set by the State of Oregon.  The first meeting will now be held on Monday, April 13, 2020 @ 6:30.

Tax Levies:  Councilor Gordon presented that the Local Option Tax for the fire department will expire this fall.  Community comment ensued and it was pointed out by Mayor Kennedy that this is simply presented as information at this point so that in the future thoughtful comments will be sought out and considered.

Signage:  Topic tabled due to illness on the part of the individual expected to comment.

Zoning:  Councilor Beard discussed the possibility of making zoning within the Town of Lexington more uniform.  Mayor Kennedy suggested that possibly a survey be conducted to see what the residents were thinking.  Also, if moved forward, have a packet available to the residents that contained forms and information regarding their options.

New Business:

Resolution 20-1:  Allowing Mayor Kennedy, Councilor Lemmon, and employee Lamb authorization to use and sign for Visa transactions for the Town of Lexington.  Motion made by Councilor Beard to approve, seconded by Councilor Lemmon.  Motion carries.

WCVEDG Grant:  Councilor Gordon suggested possibly repairing the sprinkler system and installing grass, picnic table, fencing in area directly behind town hall.

Steve Lankford:  not present

Animals and Zoning:  Presently there is no conditions for livestock or conditional use within the residential zoning of the town.  Assumptions of residential zoning and enforcement (or lack of), was discussed with members of the audience.  Discussion ensued between council and Mr. McCabe and Ms. Zimmerman about a specific topic regarding goats on Ms. Zimmermans’ property adjacent to Mr. McCabe.  Mayor Kennedy pointed out that there would be no resolution to this issue during this meeting.  She suggested that meetings need to be held in the future to create wording within zoning and ordinance that will satisfy the issues presented.  Discussion ensued among Council of the possibility of adjourning an executive session to deal with the zoning issue.

Public Comments, Concerns, Questions:

A question regarding the burnt house on main street was brought forward.  Mayor Kennedy stated that she would look at the issue.

Financial Reports and Bills:  Motion was made by Councilor Gordon, seconded by Councilor Beard to approve the financial reports and bills as presented.  Motion Carries.

Motion by Councilor Gordon to adjourn meeting, seconded by Councilor Beard.  Motion carries.

Meeting was adjourned by Mayor Kennedy at approximately 7:45 pm.