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Council Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2017



Council Members present: Councilor B. Beard, Councilor Deona Siex, and Councilor M. Sticka, Councilor S. Miller.


Employees Present: Janette Eldrige


Volunteers: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner absent.


Community Members present: Shirley McCarl, Dorothy Edwards


Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Councilor Marcia Sticka acting Mayor for the meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Note: if “Motion Carried” is stated, everyone approved.


Minutes for February, 2017: Councilor S. Miller made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, Councilor Bill Beard, second’s motion and motion carries.


Financial Report for February, 2017: Councilor Bill Beard made a motion to accept the financial report for February, Councilor Deona Siex second’s and motion carries.

Bill’s for March: Councilor S. Miller made motion to accept the bills for March, Councilor D. Siex second’s and motion carries.


Delinquent Accounts: there are only three people who have not paid, Councilor S. Miller asked if any of them are consistently on the delinquent list and only one of them is, and three received a letter, and one person was sent a letter to clean up there right of way. There was a discussion on if we could impose a fine to the water bill.

Fire Department: Fire Chief Charlie Sumner is absent.

Old Business: FEMA Park Fence project, Councilor Marcia Sticka got a bid on 5’ welded wire is silver in color, what are we going to use for posts the pipe up at the Well, post at eight feet apart, Kevin McCabe said to call Nancy at Wheatland and ask her about the Park. Councilor S. Miller likes the idea of the welded wire fence and they look nice, it is easy to work with, we have to cap it for the well pipe, we also have to cut it cap it and paint it and use the form wire to put the fencing wire on the pipe, we are just fencing the area where there is a drop off to prevent an accident, and getting sued. Councilor S. Miller makes a motion to perches the welded fencing and the wire to attach it and not to excited $150.00 dollars, she would like it to be purchased before the next meeting, Councilor Bill Beard second and motion carries. Councilor S. Miller asks the Council when they would like to do a work day and pot luck April 22nd or April 29th, Councilor D. Seix will check back in with Brian in a couple days about the dirt.


US CORPS of Engineers: this is regard to NHMP where we have it in our plan to work on the cleaning out the creek once a year, Janette Spoke with Tim Darling who works for the US CORPS of Engineers, and sent them our action item proposal forms that state we keep Willow Creek Channel and Blackhorse Channel clear of Weeds and Debris, you can weed eat it and remove branches from the water ways, however we can’t remove any dirt or stumps because they have dirt on them we can’t break down the banks, any removal and or fill we would need a permit for.


 Computer for Maintenance:  the computer doesn’t work at all you can’t even get on line we need to have someone come out and reprogram it, so when the next person comes in I don’t have to do their reports or their time sheet, and Email. Councilor Bill Beard suggests just getting HP desk top with 3g. To replace the one we have, Councilor S. Miller feels that we are wasting money by buying another one. The dell computer needs reprogramed, everything is lost on that computer, Pat came out and worked on it for us, then Arletta had someone from the bank come out and look at it and he took the anti – virus off and now the computer no longer works. Councilor Bill Beard states we could get a HP for $398.00 and it was on line. Councilor S. Miller asked where in the Budget would we get it from. Do we need it right away or could it wait since most of the reports are for the water could it come out of the water fund? Councilor Bill Beard will get more information on the computer, could you get two or three quotes for us for the next meeting.

Rick resignation letter: Rick Smith letter of Resignation was read out loud, Councilor D. Siex make a motion to accept Rick Smith letter of resignation, Councilor S. Miller seconds and motion carries.


New Business: Spring Cleanup we need to have a date to put it in our newsletter for the town. The First weekend in May the 6th and 7th, that would be good we can put it in the newsletter 2 months in a row.


Resolution 17-2: was Read out loud and sign by the Council.


Employment: the Council needs to review the job descriptions and come to dissection on what was talked about in the Executive session. Having received the letter from Rick and the position that we need to take care of, we discussed separating the position in two part time positions, reason being we feel that someone who would mow and take care of the grounds, would not feel the water system is a priority, and the water person might think that mowing is not a priority, so splitting it in two Jobs is that is what we would like to do. Councilor Bill Beard thinks this would be an experiment; so far it hasn’t worked out. Councilor S. Miller thinks the grounds keeper should be seasonal, in the winter I add snow removal to the water system. Don’t forget on call for the water system.


Dogs at Large: we are having problems with a pack of dogs; they were waiting to attack a puppy in the puppy’s yard at 1am the other night, Councilor S. Miller states we have discussed dogs before, and I believe our problem is in-forcing the dog problem, I would suggest that if any one comes up to us we need to tell them to call Morrow county Sheriff’s department, they need to report the dog. Councilor S. Miller also believes we need to put something in the newsletter. Kevin McCabe states that Pearl has to many dogs and there barking all of the time he believes that there is an ordines addressing 3 or more dogs, can you write a letter to see what she does.

Quill Plus: is a program where you pay an annual fee of 49.00 and some of the products are discounted, Councilor S. Miller makes a motions to join Quill plus Councilor D. Siex second and motion carries.


Truck: Councilor S. Miller asked Councilor Bill Beard to take on the Responsibility of finding a truck we put $ 4000.aside for a truck, Councilor Bill Beard agrees.

Hours worked for a year: Councilor S. Miller add up the last years Maintenance hours and divide them by 52 weeks and it came out 29 hours a week. Janette asked so why are we trying to split when last year’s average work week is 30 hours. If there are two people you could lay them off during the winter, Councilor Bill Beard thinks we need someone during winter to do the well readings and put notice on the doors for the delinquent accounts. We have prep work that needs to be done for the reservoir; we need someone who has some knowledge about water systems because we can’t afford to train them every year. A part time person who was had experience would be great, but finding them could be a problem. Councilor Bill Beard was asked if one man could prep the reservoir job, Councilor Bill Beard seem to think it can be done, but they will need to know plumbing.


Councilor S. Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Councilor D. Siex seconds and motion carries.


Respectfully summited

Janette Eldrige

Town Recorder