Town of Lexington

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May 12, 2020

Councilors present at the May 12, 2020 meeting:  Bobbi Gordon, Bill Beard, Will Lemmon, Curtis Thompson.  Mayor Juli Kennedy was also present.

Employees present:  Scott Lamb, Denis Lien

Community members present: Kevin McCabe

Meeting of May 12, 2020 was called to order at approximately 6:30 by Mayor Juli Kennedy.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Note:  when “motion carries” is stated, everyone approved.

Minutes for April 2020:  Motion to approve by Councilor Lemmon. Seconded by Councilor Gordon.  Motion carries.

Mayor’s Message:  We did receive the $55,124 that was allotted for paving the streets. We will be receiving more in the upcoming year although the amount is still uncertain.

 Mayor Kennedy has been in touch with the resident whose house caught on fire. The resident’s plan is to sell but Mayor Kennedy is concerned with liability.

The Mayor is wanting to put together a community event to pull the community together.

Recorder Report:  Denis Lien reported that the WCVEDG Grant has been applied and approved. The final papers need to be signed by authority status. Meter readings are working well. One meter has been replaced due to over usage; the billing issue has been resolved.

Denis Lien stated that the due date needed to be extended for the new WCVEDG Grant from July to the end of September.

Maintenance Report:  See the copy of Maintenance report included with these minutes.

Fire Department Report:  No fire department report.

Old Business: Mayor asked for update on the burnt motorhome. Authorization is needed for a dumpster to clean out the ash before it is able to be hauled.

WCVEDG Grant: Scott stated that the location for the three signs have been decided. Gordon reported the decision to hire “High Performance Signs” in Hermiston to build and design the “Welcome to Lexington” signs.

Gordon made a motion to extend the current tax levy for another five years. The amount is still $2.00 but it is now split between fire department and general. Beard seconded, the motion carries.

Budget Committee Meeting:  A budget committee meeting was held on May 11, 2020 and the budget committee approved the 2020- 2021 budget. A public meeting for the council to approve the budget will be held May 28, 2020 at 6:30 pm.

Small City Allotment Grant:  Mayor Kennedy has it filled out but the last thing she needs to do is work with Eric Imes on getting an official a quote. It is estimated that it will be done soon.

New Business:

Ed Howard formally asked for a franchise agreement to begin hanging fiber for the PrineTime internet.

Public Comments, Concerns, Questions:

Kevin McCabe asked why letters were sent to everyone on Main Street for residents to clean up their property. Denis Lien stated that only one letter was sent to Connie Jones about cleaning up the front her property on Main Street.

McCabe also asked the development on the goat issue. The Mayor stated that it is not allowed to have an executive session on the topic of animals alone. Moving forward she is wanting to add stricter guidelines in the development code when it comes to animals on a certain amount of property.

Delinquent Accounts: No accounts were more than 60 days past due.

Financial Reports and Bills:  Motion was made by Councilor Lemmon, seconded by Councilor Beard to approve the financial reports, and bills as presented.  Motion Carries.

Meeting was adjourned by Mayor Kennedy at approximately 8:20 pm.