Town of Lexington

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September 8, 2020

Councilors present at the September 8, 2020 meeting:  Bobbi Gordon, Bill Beard, Will Lemmon.  Mayor Juli Kennedy was also present. Curtis Thompson was absent.

Employees present:  Scott Lamb, MacKia Tarvin.

Community members present: Russel Ellsworth, David Sykes, & Josie Miles (Gave the fire department report).

Meeting of September 8, 2020 was called to order at 6:15 Tuesday evening by Mayor Juli Kennedy.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Note:  when “motion carries” is stated, everyone approved.

Minutes for August 2020:

·        Motion to approve the minutes by Councilor Lemmon. Seconded by Councilor Lemmon.  Motion carries.

Mayor’s Message:

·       No mayors message.

Recorder Report: 

·       MacKia Tarvin reported that she had to reset the password for the Town Hall’s CenturyLink account in order to cancel the internet service.

Maintenance Report:

·       See attached maintenance report.

Fire Department Report:

·        Josie Miles reported that all of the fire fighters had gotten together on 8th of September to repair the power steering line that had broke on a fire the night before.

·        Miles also stated that she is hard at work putting grant proposals together to replace the fire department’s older brush rigs.

·        The Lexington Fire Department is working hard to get the three new fire fighters fully certified.

Old Business:

·        Councilor Gordon reported that she carefully read over the PrineTime Franchise Agreement and suggested that the council move forward with signing it.

New Business:

·       Russel Ellsworth brought forth a land use application for two properties. The proposed addresses were 295 East Main Street (Lot 6700) and 105 West Arcade Street (Lot 3700). Russel stated that for Lot 6700, the health department would be coming to see what septic system would work best for the property. The plan for the property is to remove the existing structure and build a single family three-bedroom two-bathroom home in its place. The proposed use for Lot 3700 is to renovate the existing structure into a five-plex. The property would be leased.

·       Becky Dougherty stated that she would like to put an offer in on one of the lots next to the park that the town owns. Councilor Gordon stated that if the town were going to sell it, the property would first have to be put up for bid.

Public Comments, Concerns, Questions:

·        No public comments, concerns, or questions.

Delinquent Accounts:

·       See attached delinquent accounts.

 Financial Reports and Bills:

·        Motion was made by Councilor Lemmon, seconded by Councilor Beard to approve the financial reports, and bills as presented.  Motion Carries.


Meeting was adjourned by Mayor Kennedy at 7:00 pm.