Opportunities for Employment

The Town of Lexington is currently hiring for the position of Town Recorder. Please send resume to if interested!

Full-Time Town Recorder job description:

  This is a Full-Time position with up to 3 extra hours for a monthly evening council meeting and with a 90-day probationary period. The successful candidate is expected to possess a valid Oregon driver’s license, have no felony convictions, and be able to pass a random drug test. A criminal history/background check will be performed. Candidate must be bondable.   The successful candidate must be a self-starter with excellent communication skills. The position requires considerable knowledge and skills in the following areas: word processing, filing systems, office automation, office procedures, accounting, governmental regulations, budgeting practices and payroll.   The starting compensation will be determined at time of hire by experience, with the possibility of an increase after the 90-day probationary period review or at the 6-month review.   The successful candidate will be granted holidays off with pay, after the probationary period, if the regular workday before the holiday and after the holiday is worked, unless otherwise prearranged with the supervisor. Vacation will be granted at one week per year after one year of employment. Two weeks per year after three years of employment. Vacations must be arranged with a supervisor in advance.   Paid sick leave will be granted at four hours per month accumulative, with a maximum of sixty hours and may be used for dental and Dr. appointments.   The regularly scheduled work hours for this position will be from 8AM-5PM Monday through Thursday, with hours on Friday as needed. Only authorized overtime will be allowed.    Council meetings will be paid the hourly wage over the regular work week hours.   This position is paid bi-weekly or the previous two weeks worked.  A draw may be made for no more than the hours already worked.   This position will be supervised by, and answers directly to the Town Mayor or another Town Council member when designated by the Town Council.  

Job Duties include but not limited to:

Use time clock for all hours worked. Attend all meetings of the Town Council and other meetings as required. Prepare meeting notices for the public and notify media as required by law. Records, transcribes, and posts minutes of all meetings according to law.  Under direction of the Mayor, prepares agendas and packets for all meetings.  Prepares utility billings using the Bias program and makes bank deposits.  Notifies Mayor and Council members of all delinquent accounts and notifies delinquent accounts of consequences of delinquency, following Town ordinances, as Council has requested.  Pays all bills after the consent of the Council, making certain that no payments are over in that department’s budget. If so, write a resolution to fix the budget. Records all income and bills by accounts on QuickBooks Pro 2019 and on the financial record sheets in Microsoft excel, giving an accounting to each Councilor and the Mayor.  Works with independent auditor as necessary, informing supervisor of correspondence.  Performs general secretarial duties as assigned and directed by the Mayor and Councilors.  Maintains entire filling system to ensure accuracy and completeness.  Picks up and sorts or responds to mail and email on a regular basis, giving mail to the person addressed, daily if possible.  Responds and assists the general public with information and directs all town business to appropriate Councilor or Mayor.  Ensures that all office equipment is in good working condition. Maintains a tidy and clean office, meeting room, and bathroom.  Will be the custodian of the Town records.  Will be the designated election officer unless the council designates another person and will become knowledgeable about election laws and follow them.  Will be the designated budget officer unless the council designates another person learns/knows budget law and keeps in compliance with State Law.  Must keep confidentialities.  Must work with all other State and Federal entities as need arises.  Write and develop Grant applications as needed.  Must be bondable. Work with Fire Department Records.